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Oil Rig

Ross made this fantastic oil rig – read all about how he did it.THE LIGHTS; THEY ARE MADE UP OF A VERY SIMPLE Read More…

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Mrs Jamieson

Sorry we have not updated the blog lately but our teacher Mrs J has broken her hip. We all miss her very much and all hope Read More…

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Read our Sound Poems!

A stranger called this morning, Read More…

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Our Silhouettes

[rockyou id=89155512&w=579&h=433]

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Pupil Of The Week


Hi there,

We thought you’d like to know about our Pupil of the Week system. This is how we run it all. We have a blue shiny box which has all of the pupil’s names in P6/2 in it. Read More…

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Highland Dancing

This is Jodi and Rebecca and we are writing to tell you about our Highland dancing. We both love doing Highland dancing and go to the same dance class Read More…

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Countdown to Christmas Holidays

Its nearly Christmas!!

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Shinty Success

Our Shinty Team

Last week our school shinty team were away playing a game. They were at Castle Leod in Strathpeffer. The game was very fair and we won 1-0. Our goal was scored by Ian and our team voted for Jordan as the best player. The team said their defence was great but Niall was amazing. One of our players said the game was very hard but we deserved to win.They scored the goal on the 56th minute. We will bring you another report after our next game.

By Ross + Liam

Photo by Victoria

The Basic Game of Shinty

Shinty was invented when settlers from Ireland brought the sport of hurling to Scotland, where the game was played as such until the 14 century. Though the caman, is a traditional shinty stick it is a different shape. The game was traditionally played through the winter months, with New Year’s Day being the day when whole villages would gather together to play games featuring teams of up to 80 a side, players often using any piece of wood with a hook as a caman. Even though shinty originated from hurling there are a few differences. In hurling you are allowed to pick up the ball and run with it for a short distance, unlike in shinty where this is against the rules.  

The game of shinty has strict rules and is played with two teams of twelve and normally has three substitutes. It’s played with two periods of forty five minutes. To keep the game under control there are rules. The main rules are – you are not allowed to kick the ball, the goalkeeper is the only person that is allowed to handle the ball, you are not allowed to header the ball and you are not allowed to hit, kick or trip up your opponent and you are not allowed to go inside the box before the ball. 

There are twelve players on a shinty team. These are a goalkeeper, four defenders, three midfielders, one half forward and three full forwards. Each of these players plays a vital role in the team. 

By Euan and Callum

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Our Bio Poems

[rockyou id=86184191&w=579&h=434]

When we were looking at Sandaig Primary’s weblog we saw these poems. We liked them so much we decided to try them ourselves. They go with our silhouettes which are all about us and what we are like.

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P6/1 Van Gogh Style Paintings

[rockyou id=86171642&w=500&h=375]

These paintings are beautiful, aren’t they ? P6/1 are going to tell us how they made them tomorrow.

We are studying Europe and have been looking at European artists.We enjoyed copying Van Gogh’s sunflowers. We used acrylic paint and canvas boards. The good thing was it didn’t soak right through and you could paint over it.We had to be careful as it would stain our clothes.Some of our class have bought their own acrylic paint to try it out at home.

Van Gogh was born in the Netherlands but moved to Paris to be with his brother Theo. He lived a lonely and sad life as nobody liked his work (but his brother.) His last painting was of wheat fields. The odd thing is he took his life in one. He used brush strokes really well. We loved it (Mrs MacWilliams was great.)                       

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